Free Room in a Shared Apartment from January

Room in 130 square meter apartment in Bra.
Address: Via L. Mercantini

From January 2020 there will be a room free in this apartment. There are currently two other students from UNISG living here. The apartment is very spacious and fully equipped.
Large living-room.
Large kitchen.
Bathroom with shower, bath, toilet and bidet.
Three bedrooms.
Three balconies (every bedroom has separate access to a balcony, the small one has a private balcony).
Large courtyard shared with the rest of the building (with plenty of space to park a car).
Wifi/Gas/Electricity fully taken care of (NOT included in the price of the room, as it varies from month to month).
Due to the spacious common spaces, the apartment is perfect for inviting people and organising dinners and the like! The apartment is located at about a 5 minute walk from the center of Bra.

The room that will be free from January is a single-room, fully equipped with a bed, desk, closet and private balcony (bringing your own stuff is also totally fine). The cost of the room will be 214 euros per month (gas/electricity/wifi excluded!). The cost for gas/electricity differ from month to month, but it ranges from about 20 euros per person in the warmest months, to 80 euros per person in the coldest (please note: this is an estimate, based on the past year).
If you are interested, or have some questions, feel free to contact me at any time!
Whatsapp: +316 39502612



Room to Rent in a Shared House

This is Howard.
I’m going to leave in December 18, helping my roommates (1Female 1Ma) to find a new roommate now.
There’s a big room at the second floor in the independent big house.
Everything is great and my roommates are super nice.
The only big disadvantage for me is that too far from downtown. (About 20 mins by walk to station)
The rent is €250/month plus electricity and water… the others are already paid by Howard
If you’re interested in, please contact me.
Best regards