Food Film Club presents:


What: Dabbawallas: The Lunchbox Miracle

When: Wednesday Sept. 26th, 7pm

Where: The Gastronomic Society, (aperitivo outdoors, movie indoors), see Google Maps

With: Free wine, snacks and popcorn. Feel free to also bring your own.

As always, Food Film Club is FREE & OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS! You do not need to be a member of the Gastronomic Society to attend.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of going to the cinema? First dates? Hollywood glitz? Two hours of escapism?

Or do you think of buckets of popcorn, oversized sodas, chocolates and ending up with inevitable post-movie guilt & a hideously furry tongue from having gorged on terrible cinema snacks. Yup, we’ve all been there.

Eating while movie watching is practically essential, but why has it become the norm to subject our tastebuds to utter rubbish while we enjoy what is (hopefully) a great movie?

Thankfully, there are folks out there working to eradicate the cinema-induced-sugar-coma, people who want to provide as much pleasure to your stomach as you hope to give your eyes. [Check out this podcast from BBC Food Program] Because doesn’t it make sense to eat good sushi while watching  ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’? Or to have a really good glass of pinot noir (but definitely not merlot) to accompany ‘Sideways’?

We think so. Which is why we’re providing fresh and delicious Indian food at Food Film Club’s showing ofDabbawallas: The Lunchbox Miracle, this Wednesday at the Gastronomic Society. You can expect spicy, complex vegetarian mouthfuls to go along with the fascinating story of the men who effectively deliver hundreds of thousands of homemade lunches around Mumbai everyday. As well as being visually satisfying, this documentary exposes an inspiring system that is intriguing multinational corporations with it’s effortless ingenuity and accuracy against all odds. Read more about it here

So, redefine your sense of cinema, break away from bad movie-night binge syndrome, and join us for something spicy and special on Wednesday.

Food Film Club aims to be delicious, informative, beautiful and entertaining, and is always FREE & OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS!