Temple Grandin Film Tonight!

Temple Grandin is a 2010 biopic directed by Mick Jackson and starring Claire Danes as Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who revolutionized practices for the humane handling of livestock on cattle ranches and slaughterhouses.

And that is all we are going to tell you about this magnificent movie. This is not a movie about cooking, not one about chefs, its much more than that. It’s about what comes first. It is about the other side of this coin called gastronomy. It depicts the hidden story behind every bite we take and every “delicious” expression you exclaim. Not a documentary, not a fictional testimony, but a real life story made into a film.

If your curiosity about this incredible woman is still not enough to drag you over the gastronomic society this thursday at 20.30, just let us tell you that you will not only have free popcorn and wine as always, but you will enjoy the first open-air food film club of this year. As summer decided to come a little late this year, we made our minds to kick winter the hell out of this university.