stuff for sale

Hello guys,

I’m leaving Bra in a couple of days and I have a few things in my flat to sell. All of the items are  in really good conditions since I bought them only last November. I’m leaving this Friday, so please contact me before that day if you are interested in any of the items.

desk: 35€
desk lap: 5€
wooden chair: 15€
plastic kitchen shelf: 5€
vacuum-cleaner: 20€
pots (4 different size): 40€
small glass bowls (6): 2€/piece
ceramic bowls (6): 2€/piece
soufflé cups (6): 2€/piece
wine glass with coloures (4): 3€/piece
simle wine glass (6): 3€ /piece
water glass (6): 2€ /piece
green&red glass decoration: 3€
glass vase: 3€
tablecloth (with yellow / pink flowers): 7€ /piece
toaster: 10€
ironing board: 5€
iron:  10€
green metal balcony table&chairs (2): 35€
laundry basket: 10€
lamp: 10€
picture: 15€
pink&purple bed-cover (double-sized): 7€