items for sale

Sadly, I’m getting ready to depart from Bra and have quite a few items that may be of interest to some of you!

FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in Bra/Pollenzo (10 euro minimum order!).

– Amazing bike, perfect for getting you to Pollenzo and back.  Unisex, metallic blue.  Includes front basket and lock.  Brakes newly replaced.  50 euro.
– Charcoal barbecue.  Red.  Wooden platform underneath grill, as well as two wooden side supports.  Includes removable grate.  The only thing hotter than this grill is it’s price!  30 euro.
– Whoa nelly!  This is useful.  Need extra kitchen workspace?  This is your answer!  Wooden rolling “kitchen cart” with bar/hooks, cutting board worktop, and two shelves.  40 euro.
– Two small lamps (black base, white lampshade).  10 euro each (or 15 euro for both!)
– Looking for extra comfort?  Check out this double mattress topper.  40 euro.
– Sip your apertivo outside this spring!  Two white outdoor chairs.  25 euro each (or 40 euro for both!)
– It gets HOT in Bra.  Prepare for summer with this standing room fan.  10 euro.
– Black plastic hangars (31 hangars total).  3 for 1 euro, or 8 euro for all of them!
– Large glass mixing bowl.  5 euro.
– White cereal bowls (4).  1 euro each.  (Buy 3, get the 4th free [it has a small chip]).
– Rectangular serving plates (2).  Only 1 euro each!
– Large blue glass serving plate.  1 euro!
– Glass pitcher, perfect for mixing summer cocktails! 2 euro.
– Striped bathroom hand towels (2).  1 euro each.
– Large kitchen trashcan.  5 euro.  (Buy both trashcans and get them for only 6 euro!)
– Small bathroom trashcan.  3 euro.  (Buy both trashcans and get them for only 6 euro!)
– Badass puzzle of Portofino.  Instead of studying, play!  1 euro.
– Cheese grater with 2 removable grating plates.  1 euro.
– Rolling pin.  2 euro.

Chat soon!