2 free apartments in Bra, different sizes!

 free apartments in Bra, different sizes:
– 2 bedrooms apartment in piazza Roma 13.
2 bedrooms, bathroom, big kitchen, and huge terrace that faces the courtyard (perfect for spring/summer dinner parties!). Fully furnished, with laundry too.
280€+280€ (building costs and water included).
– Apartment in via Carando 21.
That’s now furnished as 2 big bedrooms and a smaller one, bathroom with bathtub and laundry, kitchen, little storage room, and balcony on both sides.
300€+300€+270€ (water, heating and building costs included).
But you could also decide to have a living room and give up the small bedroom. In that case you would pay 400€+400€ (water, heating and building costs included).
if interested: g.pandolfi@unisg.it