Room for Rent!


I’m leaving for my internship, so my room will be empty from the 18th of July and on. It’s on lovely, green via G. Piumati 127C. The house is big, with three bed rooms, a living room, bathroom and big kitchen, several balconies and a garden! If you’ve got a green thumb, there’s plenty of opportunity to start experimenting! The house is not in center of Bra, but less than 5 min. on bike away – and if want to live in Bra but crave some greenness around you, it’s perfect! Rent is 175 per month + expenses (that of course are lower in summer, higher in winter). Two girls – Laura (Swizz) and Valentina (Italian) – are living here until October.

If you’re interested, write to or call 32 48 64 40 72 .