One (or Two) Bedroom Apartment


The house is located in Via Alba 13, in the courtyard of the (very pink) ‘Hotel Giardini’, right across the street from Pizzeria Gennaro Esposito (that calls itself 480 gradi these days, but still make a very good, and, if you live in this awesome house, very conveniently close, pizza!) Also supermarkets, vegetable stores, ferramenta’s, bus stops, etc are found very close by. The house comes with a big garage for storing your bike or belongings, a parking space for your car in front of the garage (inside the courtyard) and a basement storage box that can also double as a salami-curing room.

Have a look at the attached pictures to get an idea of the lay-out. It has a supercozy kitchen, with plenty of shelves to put all your utensils and ingredients away and a really home-y feeling. There is a big bedroom with a double bed, wooden floor and doors to small balconies on two sides, and then there is a small ‘in-between-room’, with a sofa that transforms into a bed and thus potentially makes this into another bedroom, even though it is separated by the rest of the house by a closet instead of a door, (always wanted to live in Narnia? This is YOUR room!) Bathroom with sink, shower and bathtub(!) also included.

The rent is 400 euro per month, utilities excluded. Landowner is really nice and always available, but lives elsewhere and you don’t see much of him if you don’t want to. The neighbors (hotel owners) are three really nice brothers that are always in for a chat and give the place a good sense of social control.