1 bike lock 10,00
1 Ikea side bed table (never used, to be assembled) 8,00
1 winter bed cover in fleece (king size, red) 10,00
1 winter piumino (matrimonial size, semi new) 10,00
1 winter coat, vintage and heavy, ideal for really cold days 40,00

If interested, I can send photos!

Car for sale!

Da vendere:
Macchina Lancia Y
Anno 2002
127.000 km
5 posti
Colore bianco
Lavori fatti 500 km fa : kit cinghia distribuzione, gruppo termostato
Gomme invernali
Buone condizioni generali
Prezzo: 1.200€

La macchina si può vedere a Bra

Typhaine Briand


For sale:

Lancia Y car

Year 2002


127000 km

5 seats

White color

Belt kit and thermostat group done 500km ago

Winter tires

Good condition in general

Price: 1200€

You can come and see the car in Bra.

Typhaine Briand



Hi everybody,

I have some stuff to sell. If you’re interested this is my mail: fil3(at) and we can meet in Bra.

La bonne cuisine francaise – Marie C. Bisson 20€

libro in ottimo stato, pagine: 859, contiene ricette e foto, in lingua francese

the book is in very good conditions, 859 pages with recepies and pictures, in french

cooking book

Printer HP Officejet d145 All in One 20€

stampante a colori a getto d’inchiostro con scanner

ink printer with scanner


Medal of Honor Frontline 10€

gioco per Play Station 2, italiano, libretto incluso, in buono stato

playstation 2 game; italian language; instruction included; in good conditions


Pullover leggero, Planet Earth, misura L, Nuovo 20€

Light pullover, brand Planet Earth, size L, New

planet earth pullover

Pantaloni – Vans 20€

messi un paio di volte, in ottime condizioni grandezza 34

Pants, brand Vans, size 34, worn a few times and in perfect condition

pants vans

Half Life Opposing Force – PC Game 10€

espansione per Half-Life, manuale e programma in italiano, in ottimo stato

expansion for Half-Life game, with instructions in italian, in very good conditions

half life opposing force pc game

Giacca piumino HH Helly Hansen (prezzo da discutere/ we can talk about the price)

Giacca piumino HH Helly Hansen, nero con cappuccio integrato, marca cucita in bianco. si puo vestire anche girata (sempre in nero con marca stampata in nero sulla schiena), NUOVA, grandezza XL

New heavy jacket, brand HH Helly Hansen, black with hood, size XL

HH heavy jacket

HH heavy jacket back

Pantaloni – Volcom 20

Marca Volcom, Taglia 36, usati poco, ottimo stato

Brand Volcom, size 36, worn a few times, in very good conditions

volkom pants

Pantaloni – Dickies 15€

taglia: 32, usati, stato: molto buono

Pants brand Dickies, size 32, worn, in very good conditions

dickies pants blue

Felpa Pullover aem’ kei 20€

felpa / pullover senza cappuccio, marca: aem’kei, in ottima stato

pullover brand aem’kei, without hood, in very good conditions

aem'kei pullover

modem, comes with all the calbe it needs: 10 euros.

modem comes with cables

Moving sale!

Ciao! My courses are done and I am slowly leaving Bra. Come buy some things; new, almost new, and gently used items are listed below. Items can be picked up at Via Audisio 22, behind the restaurant Boccabuona.

For more information, please feel to contact
email: m.hey (at)
whatsapp: +39 389-649-174 (six)
A presto!

Home furnishings

·      Laundry hamper (white, collapsible) – €5

·      3-tiered shoe rack (wooden, IKEA) – €10

·      Floor lamp (approx. 1m, IKEA) – €5

·      Assorted picture frames (IKEA) – €1 each

·      Floor rugs (approx. 50cm x 1m) – €1 each

·      Hanging closet divider (collapsible, IKEA, purple) – €5

·      Laundry rack (collapsible) – €10


·      Full-size microfiber blanket (never used, red) – €20

·      2x large pillows (no cover) – €10 each

·      Thin down blanket (IKEA, full size) – €10


·      Yoga mat (barely used, black) – €5

·      Vintage LERJ bicycle with front basket (no gears, back brake broken) – €30

o   bicycle floor pump – €10

o   bicycle lock (number code) – €10

o   OFFER: BUY THE SET (bike + pump + lock) – €40

·      Mountain bicycle (with gears, brakes in good condition) – €80

o   bicycle lock (lock key) – €10


·      Moka (2 cup) – €1

·      Cork trivets (set of 3) – €1

·      Tea strainer – €1

·      Assorted kitchen utensils – €1 each

·      Assorted small bowls (IKEA, white) – €1 each


·      Drill set (complete set, IKEA) – €5

·      Travel umbrellas – €1 each

·      Jewelry rack (IKEA VINTERMYS, white) – €5