Double bed for sale!

I am selling a double bed in perfect conditions! 160€with every piece for assembling included.

If interested, contact me under this e-mail adress:
Best regards,
Daniele Porporato


Brand new women’s bike. With front light, basket and bell. White and red color. Very easy to ride and perfect for Bra and Pollenzo. Selling for €100. Bike lock for €5 and bike stand (so bike can be used indoors) for €20 euros. My number is 3332233878. Would ideally like to sell before next week!

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Bike For Sale

I am looking to sell my bike when I graduate at the end of the month for 100 euros (I bought it for 120). It has been a wonderful bike with gears and a big basket, and I used it almost every day coming to and from the university, as well as around town in Bra. If you are interested write an email to: <>

Genevieve Crum

Bike For Sale

I’m selling my bike at the end of this month for €120 if you know of new students who need one. I bought it new last year and it served me well! It has gears and traction controls and a basket, rear light, and bike lock. I’ve attached a picture.




Bike for Sale!

Hi everybody, I am selling a bike, it used to be my lambo for days.
Brand: DELMA
It has lights so you don’t get run over in the night.
And if you have a problem with the bike you can always go to where I bought it and they will help you out.