Unisg Running Crew!

We all know, everyone here loves food. But this group is for all those out there, who also have the urge to move their bodies, get energized, some fresh air and just feel good.

The UNSG Running Crew is a group of students, organized in cooperation with the ASSG, who meets up once a week (Thursdays; check “Events”) for a nice run. We will start off with 5km and will gradually increase the distance and pace, so that we can run 10k’s soon (and maybe more if you guys are up for it).

And maybe there will be an event soon where you can show your peers how well you have improved…but we don’t know yet, let’s see 🙂

Anyway, summer is always around the corner, as well as the next study trip and indulgence and therefore, join the team, grab your sneakers and run with us.